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Rieter BT923 Spare parts



Leading Chinese manufacturer of open end (rotor) spinning machine spares parts since 1996.

Being offical supplier of Chinese Leading manufacturers of open end (rotor) spinning machinery.

Open end (rotor) spinning machine spares parts made by us are rotors, opening roller, twin disc, navels, resilent mountings, insert plate, etc. for Elitex BD200; Rieter BT902/903/905;
Rieter BT923; Saurer BD320/330/350/380; Schlafhorst BD416, BD448;
Rieter R1/20, Schlafhorst autocoro SE7/8, 9/10, 11/12, etc.

Open end (rotor) spinning machine spares parts made by us have been satisfied by the open end (rotor) spinning mills for more than 19 years.

Type compl. No. Cup No. Dia mm SpeedX103 Bearing Type
C254/U-D  E4931845 E4931895 54 40-60 73-1-50
C250/U-D E4931844 E4931894 50 40-65 73-1-50
C248/U-D E4931842 E4931892 48 45-65 73-1-50
C248/S-D E4931843 E4931893 48 45-65 73-1-50
C344/U-D-K E4931846 E4931891 44 50-70 73-1-67
C341/U-D E4931827 E4931877 41 60-80 72-8-3K
C338/U-D E4931826 E4931876 38 65-85 72-8-3K
C536/U-D E4931813 E4931863 36 75-95 72-8-3K
C533/U-D E4931806 E4931862 33 80-110 72-8-6
C533/T-D E4931815 E4931864 33 80-110 72-8-6
C531/R-D E4931804 E4931853 31 100-110 72-8-6
C531/T-D E4931805 E4931861 31 100-110 72-8-6
Wire type Compl. Part No. For materials
C-40D/I E493101 9001 CO; CO Waste; Blends CO/MMF (CO>60%)
C-61D/I E493101 9002 PES; PES/CO (CO<40%)
C-74D/I E493101 9003

CO; CO Waste; Blends CO/MMF (CO >60%)

C-21D/I E493101 9004 VS
C6087D/I E493101 9005 MMF
C36D/I E493101 9006

VS; Blends - Prevailing share of viscose

C-37D/I E493101 9007

PES; Blends - Prevailing share of PES

Wire type Compl.Part No.  For materials
C-40D/I-PP E493101 9101 CO; CO Waste; Blends CO/MMF (CO>60%)
C-61D/I-PP E493101 9102 PES; PES/CO (CO<40%)
C-74D/I-PP E493101 9103

CO; CO Waste; Blends CO/MMF (CO>60%)

C-21D/I-PP E493101 9104 VS
C6087D/I-PP E493101 9105 MFF
C36D/I-PP E493101 9106 VS; Blends - Prevailing share of Viscose
C-37D/I-PP E493101 9107

PES; Blends - Prevailing share of PES

TypePart No.Speed X103 Yarn count Surface
C R7E493141536-1103-40 Steel/Smooth
C R7RE493140336-1103-40 Ceramic/Smooth
C R7CSE493140636-1103-40 Ceramic/Spiral
C R4E493141436-11012-40 Steel/Smooth
C K4KE493140436-1103-40 Ceramica 4 notches
C K6KFE493140536-1103-40 Ceramica 6 notches



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