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How many kinds of surface treatment are there on rotor cup?
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Normally, there are four kinds of surface treatment on rotor cup.

1. elox, also named as anodizing treatment. 

    The elox treatment normally is only used for the rotor cup which is made from aluminum aloy. These
     rotor cups are normally used for Elitex BD200RN/SN, Rieter BT902/905, Saurer BD D1, BD D2.

2. N-P coating, also named as N coating. 

    The N coating is normally used for the rotor cup which is made from steel. These rotor cups are

     normally used on Chinese machines such as RFRS 30, TQF268 rotor spinning machines.

3. Diamond coating, or Nikel Diamond coating. This treatment can be used on rotor cups which are made
     from both aluminum alloy and steel.  These rotors with diamond coating are normally used for Rieter

     BT923; Saurer BD 320, BD330, BD350, BD380 BD416; Rieter R1/R20, R40; Schlafhorst autocoro

     SE7/8, SE9/10, SE11/12 and Autocoro 8, etc.

4. B coating: only used for rotor cups which are made from steel. application is limited.

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