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Ring spinning VS rotor spinning
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Ring vs. Open-end Spinning

Ring Spinning Open-end Spinning
Bobbin rotates constantly for insertion of twist Spool does not need to be rotated to insert twist
Cannot handle spools of bigger size Much larger spools can be wound
Can spin finer yarns 3-5 times faster than ring spinning
Uniform and strong yarn Uniform but flexible yarn with better dye ability
Combed yarns (finer) Carded yarns (coarser)
Yarns for varied applications Yarns for heavier fabrics such as denims, towels and poplins
Stronger 20% more twisted but 15-20% weaker as the yarn is coarser
Suitable for all staple fibres Not suitable for man-made staple fibre spinning except rayon as the fibre finish clogs the rotor
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